Our Team
Dudu has been dancing since he was a kid, and it seems that he has been part of Machol Miami just about from that time… well, not really, but almost.  We had the pleasure of having Dudu at Machol Miami more times that we can count on our fingers, and we loved it every time.  From Inbal, one of the dances that were presented before he even dated his future wife, to Mazal Tov, his co-production with Yaron Ben Simchon, presented last year, he has always delighted us with his choreography.  And his energy.  And his pleasant demeanor (what a nice word, demeanor). And, last but not least, his posture when he dances which make him appear so light that he seems to fly.  Just watch him and be mesmerized.  Well, enough said. Come join Dudu this year for another spectacular event!

Dudu Barzilai
Mali and Moshe
Mali & Moshe have been part of our local dance community for many years, and they have been part of Machol Miami from the beginning. 
We have been privileged to enjoy their beautiful dances at Machol Miami every year. Some of their dances include:  Isha Al Hachof,  Yemei Hatom, Kintot Hayom, Kinori, Hapri Shelach and more.  We are looking forward to their new dances this year!

Mali & Moshe have also been guest choreographers in many sessions in Israel, as well as around the US, Canada and Australia.
Locally, they lead a popular session in Sunrise on Tuesdays.